The Mouth of Truth

The Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verità) resides in the portico of the basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. As with most people, I first learned of this sculpture from the movie “Roman Holiday” starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. A young Gregory Peck fed into my attraction for freakishly tall, dark … Continue reading The Mouth of Truth

Meet my Muse

I have a muse! I never even knew he existed until today. His name is Momus, the Greek god of satire. (Not to be confused with Momus the Scottish singer with an eyepatch who looks just weird enough that he must have competed in the Eurovision song contest.) @OfficialMomus, as I’m sure his Twitter handle … Continue reading Meet my Muse

Why I Write

I write because I am 41 years old and want a career that I am passionate about, and I’m too old to be a Hooters girl. I write to say all the things I have pushed down and bottled up because I haven’t had the courage or opportunity to say them out loud in the … Continue reading Why I Write